PRA Bylaws






The purpose of Portage Recovery Association (PRA) is to aid and assist twelve step recovery programs.  This is done by promoting a better understanding of them, and supporting group activities.  Any and all twelve step programs are a welcome part of PRA.



Every person who is in sympathy with the philosophy and objectives of any twelve step recovery programs shall be eligible for membership in PRA.

Members shall be divided into three (3) classes as follows:

  1. Twelve Step Members – Active members of twelve step recovery programs
  2. Non Twelve Step Members – Family members of twelve step recovery program persons
  3. Lifeftime Members – Lifetime members shall be those individuals so designated by the board for their efforts in behalf of PRA or the surviving family member of the same.


Members shall be divided into three (3) statuses as follows:

  1. Active Members – Active Members shall be dues paying members in good standing who are also active participants in any twelve step recovery program, or family members for those who are.
  2. Inactive Members – Inactive members are members whose dues are thirty (30) or more days in arrears.
  3. Lifetime Members – Upon receiving PRA lifetime membership, membership dues are waived to those honored.


Membership shall be posted and updated monthly.

No sobriety / clean time requirement is needed to become an active member.



Yearly dues for members shall be determined by the board.

Each active and lifetime member shall be entitled to one (1) vote.

In case of a written vote, the ballots shall be turned into the secretary, and the President of the board will appoint an assistant to help tally the votes if deemed necessary.

Members must be eighteen (18) years of age to be eligible to vote.

Dues must be paid thirty (30) days prior to the annual membership meeting to be eligible to vote.


The annual membership meeting shall be held each year at the March board meeting.

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) full time directors and seven (7) alternate directors.  The alternate directors will be utilized in the case of illness or unforeseen difficulties concerning a full time director to achieve a quorum.  These alternate directors will have the voting privileges if deemed necessary to conduct business of the board.  The top seven (7) votes will be elected by the members to the board, and next seven (7) will be elected alternates.   The records of the vote shall be kept by the elected secretary until next membership vote.  In case of illness, death, inability to maintain sobriety, excessive absences, or resignation, the next in line via vote tally shall be moved up to alternate position.  In case of illness, death, inability to maintain sobriety, or resignation from a full time board member, the seven (7) board members shall elect one (1) alternate to move up to board.

The fourteen (14) persons elected to the board of directors and alternates shall serve a two (2) year term.  In case of illness, death, inability to maintain sobriety, excessive absences, or resignation, the appointed new board or alternate member shall finish up the term.

The Board of Directors shall meet at regular intervals of at least once per month at a pre-determined time and date.  All members and concerned individuals are encouraged to attend the regular meetings of the Board of Directors

A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called by the President at any time with notification by mail, email, text message, or telephone with three (3) days notice.  Notification is only needed to be sent to the other board of directors and alternates.  The time, location, and purpose of the meeting need to be clearly stated during notification.

Four (4) of the fourteen (14) board members and alternates shall constitute a quorum at board meetings.  Voting and or decision making will be made by the seven (7) board members minus the elected President.  The President only votes in case of a tie.  In case of absence of a board member, the President will appoint an alternate to vote.  At any time, the President or any of the seven (7) board members may ask for a board vote to determine if the vote at hand needs to be a member’s only vote.

Reversion to use of alcohol and/or drugs by any elected board director shall constitute automatic resignation

Attendance will be taken at all board meetings by the membership chairman.  All board members and alternates are required to attend.  Three (3) unexcused absences at regular meetings in any one (1) year may constitute replacement of said member by a majority vote of the remaining board members.  Absence from a special board meeting is an exception to this guideline. Excessive use of excused absences may also be cause for replacement. Excused absences include, but are not limited to: work, illness, doctor appointment, wedding, funeral, or any unforeseen circumstance.





Officers of the PRA shall be elected by the Board of Directors and shall be called: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Co-Treasurers.  At the annual meeting of the active membership, the Board of Directors will elect officers of the board. Officers will serve two (2) year terms and can serve consecutive terms if approved by the board.

Officers will be selected by the Board of Directors.

If a vacancy occurs before the end of an officer’s term in office, the board shall appoint a replacement to fill the vacant officer’s position for the remainder of the term.

During election of the office, the candidates must step out of the room where the vote is held, and the secretary will log the votes.

Two (2) years of continuous sobriety / clean time is required to hold a board of director position.

One (1) year of continuous sobriety / clean time is required to hold an alternate position on the board



The President shall be the Chief Executive Office of PRA and shall preside over all meetings of the board and of the membership, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the board are carried in effect.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees and shall have the general powers and duties of supervision usually vested in the office of a president of a corporation.  The President is a non-voting director of the board except in case of a tie.


The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President.  The Vice President may be a voting director of the board except when assuming the responsibilities of the President, hence voting only in the case of a tie.


The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, handle correspondence for PRA, and perform the duties of a secretary of a corporation.  The Secretary may be a voting director of the board.  Any active or lifetime member may ask the Secretary for previous minutes to the board meeting or financial reports with seven (7) days written or verbal notice.  The Secretary shall keep be custodian of all minutes from all board meetings during their two (2) year term.



The two (2) Co-Treasurers shall keep complete books and records and make the them available to the board or any other active or lifetime member with seven (7) days written or verbal notice.  Co-treasurers are only responsible for producing records from their term. They shall have custody of all PRA funds and securities, and make regular deposits of all money. They, as Co-Treasurers, shall disburse the funds of PRA as may be ordered by the board, keeping proper vouchers for such disbursement and shall render to the board at the monthly meetings. Co-Treasurers shall be appointed by the seven (7) board members minus the president.  They must have previously served on the board or as an alternate to be considered for this position.  Minimum five (5) years of continuous sobriety / clean time required for positions.





In the event that the PRA decides to change locations, there will be an emergency members meeting held with fourteen (14) days notice.  Notice must be given via mail, email, text message, or telephone.  Each active and lifetime member will be entitled to one (1) vote.  Absentee ballots will be available by the Secretary on the day of the announcement.  Absentee ballots must be turned in seven (7) days prior to the vote to either the President or Secretary.  Dues must be paid by the day of the announcement of the emergency board meeting in order to be able to vote.


Any vote of financial decisions of over $1,000 will be a members vote with a four-teen (14) day notice via mail, email, text message, or telephone.


In case of death of any current or former member of PRA, the co-treasurers shall send flowers exceeding no more than fifty ($50.00) plus tax and or delivery to the members memorial or a check to the surviving family member.  This action shall also be done for parents, children, or sibling of an active or lifetime member.  No vote is needed to perform this duty.


Donations made to the club shall be turned in to the co-treasurers or the safe at the time of donation.  This money shall be used to operate the PRA or its events.  If a specific use for this money is stated, it must be made in writing and given to a member or alternate of the board.

Autonomous groups will be allowed to use the PRA in exchange for a donation.




In the event that anyone is asked to leave the PRA for an extended period of time, it must be decided on a membership vote.  This vote shall take place with four-teen (14) days notice via mail, email, text message, or telephone.  The member in question will have the opportunity to state their case, and a decision will be made by a written vote.  All paid members in good standing and Lifetime members will be entitled to one (1) vote.  Length of suspension will be determined by the board of directors.  Causes to have suspension include but are not limited to: stealing, destruction of property, gambling, inappropriate sexual behavior, fighting, threatening or intimidation, or panhandling.  Suspension may be given by the President until the members meeting if situation determines.